Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ahsoka Episodes Review


I cried when Prim died in The Hunger Games, I cried when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tatarus, I cried when Dobby and other great wizards died, I cried in Revenge of the Sith. 

Those are pretty much the only cases I cried. While watching a story, at least. It's true that I break down sometimes, but to me crying seems to be a weak, private moment, especially when it's all not true. 

I didn't even cry when Waxer and Hardcase died on Umbara. There is no passion, there is serenity.

So why am I talking about crying? 


I've been blasted by feels in the stages of fangirling.

First, something bad happens that hits you. In this case, Ahsoka left the Jedi Order.

Then I feel so overwhelmed. It's too much to take in.

Then you think people will notice so you try not to cry.
Then you start having fits.

Then you try to calm down.

Calm down... calm down... no. It doesn't work.

Then you spend time alone until you finally do, but the reality will live with you forever.

Oh, it's like Percy and Annabeth falling into Tatarus again.

So, forgive my fangirling; I'm going to start from the beginning in a civilized manner.

Sabotage: It was a good episode, but not the best, after what I saw with Maul. It was nice to see Ahsoka again, and she didn't annoy me.
The chase was great, and I wouldn't have suspected her at first. That was nice. A bit more action would be great, though.

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much: I suspected Sidious. I really did. Then there's the emotional level inside everything. The suspense. Oh gods.

To Catch A Jedi: I suspected Barriss, but I didn't want it to be her since she was a great friend of Ahsoka and in the comics she died in Order 66 as a good Jedi healer. I can't believe Ahsoka got beaten like that. I like the chase, but I wish it was more suspense like the the previous episode. In the end, I was left thinking, "That's it? I have to wait until next week?! Do you have any idea how long that would be?"

The Wrong Jedi: Mental Note to self: Stop crying. Well, at least we know that Ahsoka will survive Order 66. And great, TCW decides to mess up cannon again. Ahsoka's decision seems right, but I hope it's not over. How can the council not trust her? It's try that the dark side clouds them, but they should be able to see. I thought this episode could do with more action, but I didn't think of that until the episode was finished. Maybe it couldn't have fitted with all these emotions.

Oh, did Ventress get her lightsabers back? I hope so.

I hope to see more of her again in season 6. TCW team better not kill her if they don't want to be murdered by a bunch of teenage fangirls. Sorry I couldn't do a better review; I need my emotions sorted out first.

May the Force be with you, Ahsoka, and may the Force be with everyone. Now I have another thing to wait for.


  1. So... did surgeon Divini's crush die? (Offee) I don't want my precious healer to die. If she dies, then my beloved MedStar is doomed!

    Ehe.. sorry about Ahsoka. But now that she's out of the Order, she'll be more fun. I'm expecting her to show up in a random Dark Times EU. Oh, maybe she's gonna join Dass and Bomo!

    1. Nope, she didn't :P I agree about Ahsoka, though :) You made me feel better, at least. Thanks!

    2. Phew...
      At least I still have some *good* Reaves-verse stuff to read. The Last Jedi was... damn depressing (and somewhat disappointing as well - IMO, at least).

      Glad I helped. You're welcome! :)

  2. Agreed, the "The Wrong Jedi"'s ending was incredible! Can't believe it ended like that! So unexpected. Wonder what Ahsoka will do now? Go off with Lux would be my first guess or like you said, team-up with Ventress, that would be cool. :) She might even make an appearance in the new Star Wars trilogy as an old Jedi helping Luke build the Jedi Order back. Can't wait until next season! No idea where they will go next with the series!


    1. Thanks! :) I'm thinking about that too; it would be really cool.