Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maul Arc Review

I know I've been neglecting this for awhile... *guilty look* So it's time to come back to review these awesome episodes and revive our interests. So where should I start?

I don't know exactly. It's just... wow. I guess bring Maul back was now worth it. Oh, possible spoilers ahead.

This episode should've been set right after Revival, the season premiere. I can't believe TCW made us wait this long. On the bright side, the wait wasn't disappointing. I fangirled over it my usual way, plus a bit more excitement. It's pretty much your I-will-have-revenge-and-rule-the-galaxy thing, but it's awesome.

Eminence was about Maul and Savage meeting Pre Visla in a cautious alliance and making an army big enough to take over Mandalore. This is probably the episode I liked least. It has little action, and it's just all about recruiting armies. You can't just put all that into one episode; it's too much. But the episode builds up the story, so I can't say I disliked it.

Shades of Reason, which is about them getting Mandalore and obviously turning on each other, is a bit more action packed. Still, the taking over Mandalore is too much for one episode, yet they try to fit it in like they're telling a story so it seems a bit fake, too. Other things, though, are very entertaining to watch. The end has a bit of a twist I love, and I realize how much I love Bo Katan now.

The Lawless is probably the best episode of the season. It was action packed, but not fake, and Obi-Wan is here, pretty much against the Jedi rules. So the season sneak peeks are finally revealed- we saw Sidious, and why Obi-Wan was in Mandalorian armor, and everything. *Squeal* I ship Siriwan, but I have to admit that Satine's death was a big blow. Then Obi-Wan was like, "I'm so sorry" when it was revealed that Bo Katan was Satine's sister. How did I not see it before? Same face shape! That's interesting. It totally reminded me of the time Obi-Wan said "I'm so sorry" to Padmé. Then there's Savage, who I usually hate. I can feel something for him after all. HOW CAN THE ARC END LIKE THAT?!

Overall, the arc was awesome. They try to fit in a bit too much, but it was entertaining to watch and the graphics were awesome, even watching from a poor-quality video. A review of the 4 Ahsoka episodes is coming up! May the Force be with you!


  1. Me at Satine's death: BWA-HA-HA-HA!!
    I must admit it. I laughed out loud when I watched the scene of Satine's death. I know it's wrong, but I'm just... happy that she's gone.
    I haven't watched the arc, but I'm sure I'll like Bo-Katan better than Satine.

    1. Okay, lol... that's weird xD Watch it soon! :) Thanks for commenting.

  2. I liked the arc more than you did, but Lawless was awesome! Savage Opress dying was very shocking! Didn't expect that at all, almost wish he did not die. He was so AWESOME! :D But I am glad that the series' writers were bold enough to kill off so many characters. This and the Ahsoka arc almost redeemed this season after the terrible droid episodes. :)


    1. Yep, him dying was pretty shocking. Thanks!
      I didn't watch the droid episodes :P I thought they wouldn't be fun.