Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The End of The Clone Wars

Most Star Wars fans would already know the big news. The end is coming. This post is dedicated to the memories of TCW.

I must say that I expected this to happen, ever since Disney brought Star Wars. It didn't make me any less sad, though. It's true that all things must come to an end sooner or later, but I wish it was later, not sooner. Even stars die. This is another mark that I'm growing up, as much as I don't want to.

I watched my first Star Wars the Clone Wars episode back on season one. I remember it clearly; I was in Africa, sitting on a yellow sofa with my brother with a game of monopoly sprawled out below us, forgotten until the show finished. I wasn't even a hardcore Star Wars fan back then; I only watched the movies and felt special about them. I didn't even know that there are other girls out there who loves Star Wars like I do. Back then, I only came on the computer to use paint, I still pick up dolls to play... well, to pretend they're having lightsaber duels. 

Then I started learning more of how to use the internet. I started watching episodes I missed online. Then I brought the movie, and I fell in love with Ahsoka despite the knowledge that she didn't really fit into cannon. Season three came out when I came back to Asia. I watched more and felt interested in the EU. I started using Facebook and connected with other fans.

That's probably when I realized Star Wars the Clone Wars is my childhood and more. Star Wars never told me this, but Star Wars had let me know that it was always there for me as much as I was there for it.

Sure, we would still watch the new movies for the new generation, just like how the prequels were for our generation, and the originals for the generation before us. It may never be TCW. Without TCW Star Wars may seem to die a bit, but Star Wars itself would never die as long as there are people loyal to it. 

Okay, I know that's a Harry Potter quote. Sorry. Anyway, enough with the cheesy stuff. Any more and I'm going to cry. Heck, there MIGHT be a season left to go, so why not "live here and now" and enjoy it if it comes?

An episode. A Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode. Only one.
One is enough.
Even though it is the end of the age of the Clone Wars, it has saved its best for last.

Forgive me for taking this from the Episode III novelization, but I can't help it. Kudos for those who knows where it is.

If you haven't watched the video, go watch it! Rest would be anticipation for season 6.

Dave, I really hope you mean it when you said the best is yet to come. I expect season 6 to be the last.

Okay... for the preview? Scream!!! How can you leave us with that?

I'm guessing the clone was under some control, since we already had a rouge clone earlier in the season. I thought the Jedi should be a bit faster... c'mon. It kind of reminded me of Aayla Secura's death  in Order 66, though. Oh, and apart from that it has a few other flaws. Why didn't Anakin sense it and come in the way? Why did the other Jedi call her 'sister' when Jedi aren't allowed family?

The two Jedi 'sisters' are probably Nautolians. If you don't know what that is *cough*, it's the same species as Kit Fisto. They look kind of different, but then again I don't think we ever saw a female Nautolian. For more information go to wookiepedia.

Return of some great clones brighten up my day. But where's Ahsoka? That will be my biggest what-if.

Well, I guess I said enough. I expected this post to be a bit shorter. Anyway, may the Force be with you, TCW, and everyone.


  1. I too am greatly saddened by this news, I can't believe the series is actually finished. My favorite TV show from the last few years is no more. The Cloud of the Dark Side is upon us, hopefully the next series is that rumored will be great.


    1. I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. I had heard that there was going to be a sixth season, or at least a few more episodes, and if they showed that and brought closure, I'd be perfectly fine- I'd always thought they'd end the show after the sixth season, considering how close they are to the end of the war. I do hope they bring closure though, wrapping everything up on a show is important to me.
    And yes, I got the Revenge of the Sith novel quote XD ;)
    Sorry you are sad :(

    1. Yeah, I guess I agree with you :) Thanks! :D

  3. Ah, it seems heartless that I feel indifferent about this. I do hope they could at least wrap up some of the loose threads, though. Too bad, really. I was hoping they'd go on to the seventh season. :( Or even the Dark Times, so they could steamroll some unwanted bits.
    At least we still can hang on the EU XD. I have several comic series to catch up with. They're really good, you know (especially the ones with Ostrander/Duursema author/artist pair - you gotta read 'em one day). Might help pass the time while waiting for Episode VII.

    1. Ah, I don't think it's heartless. Delaying Star Wars detours made me feel indifferent, but I was later a bit disappointed after watching the preview.
      I hoped it would continue, but as Shena said, the war is almost ending, and the title is "The Clone Wars" so it can't continue more.
      Yep, EU is always there for us!

    2. Yeah. I still got Dawn of the Jedi to read (and rave about).
      Oh and, I don't think those two Jedi girls are Nautolans. I've seen Nautolan females in the comics, and they sorta look like their male counterparts. Unless TCW is planning to retcon things again...
      Siblings who are both Jedi do exist in the canon. After all, force-sensitivity is more or less a family trait. If I remember correctly, Depa has a sister, Plo has a niece and an uncle, while Adi has a cousin. :)

    3. Yeah, I know they exist. I remembered that, but they don't exactly call each other 'sister' and have a strong bond.

  4. I knew it would have to end sometime. I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring to us in the future! My fingers are crossed for an awesome new video game like Battlefront 2!!!