Saturday, April 13, 2013

Middle Earth Tag

Thank you to James for giving me this award! I better get started on it!

Favorite book: Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Favorite Hobbit character: Gollum (Speaking in terms of movie, it would be Legolas since he's going to be in the next one.)
Next 3 favorite Hobbit characters: Bilbo, Filli, and Thorin  
Favorite LOTR character: Legolas 
Next 5 favorite LOTR characters: Aragorn, Gandalf, Sam, Eowyn, and Theoden
Favorite race (Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Man, etc.): Elf
Favorite couple: Aragorn and Arwen
Favorite member of the Fellowship of the Ring: Legolas
Favorite member of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield: Filli
Favorite place in Middle-Earth: Rivendell or the Shire. Can't choose!
Favorite battle: Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
Favorite weapon: Anduril
Favorite creature: Balrog
Favorite quote: "One does not simply walk into Mordor"
Favorite song: In Dreams 
Favorite theme (movie score): Song of the Lonely Mountain

To be honest, I haven't fangirled over LOTR for a long while so this feels good, even if this is just a short post. So that's it! If you haven't been tagged yet, I tag you!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Alex Rider Series (and movie) by Anthony Horowitz REVIEW


Okay... I got that out... now I gotta start reviewing it. 

I have been wanting to read this book for awhile- ever since last year when my brother brought the final book. Back then, I was still on the roll with reading Star Wars books so I didn't read much of other books. Now I see what I'm missing. Seriously. Then, after I read Artemis Fowl, it pushed me to read this, since for some reason I always compared them together.

To put it simply, I loved Alex Rider. Otherwise I won't be reviewing it here, of course. Out of the forty or so books I already read this year, this is one of the few I'm reviewing. Heck, I didn't even review the Mortal Instruments and Divergent- I'm planning to do that with the movie like I am doing now. Looks like I have a new fandom. Again. I felt something close to what I felt with Percy Jackson.

Alex Rider is about a fourteen year old unwilling spy caught in deadly games. It's action packed and impossible to put down. It has shades of grey, unexpected turns, narrow escapes... and places where people really had to suffer. Like any other good books, it taught me something- that we all have a hero inside of us. Like Percy Jackson did. For something that couldn't speak, the message was loud enough to be etched into our hearts forever. 

Like Percy and Artemis, I fell in love with Alex from the very beginning. Even before I saw how cute he was. He's so unique, but he is relatable and he never gave up hope. Even when he's about to die, which is usually through the whole series. The way his character developed over the series was great to read about. Of course, he didn't get away unscathed, and that is what makes my heart reach out for him. Then I started shipping him with Sabina and so on... I can't tell more without spoilers. But I can tell you this: clear your schedules before you start reading. Make sure there's a box of tissues nearby so, in the end, you would have something to wipe a lake of tears on. The emotional level is like... Percabeth in Tatarus. I was like, "NO! IT WAS FAKED! (the character) CAN'T DIE!" Then in the end, Alex's response to it, and how he knelt on the remains, tore my heart out. I should probably mention that my granny died around the same time I read that, so I was experiencing... double-greif. Even though one is not even a real character. Oh, and there's also the humor. Even if it's about gruesome deaths. Or just witty speeches.

Another thing I liked about the series is the fact that every book has its own specific plot and still are connected as a series. If I end a book with a cliffhanger (though it did, once) I feel like dying. Fortunately, when there was this one cliffhanger I had the next book right next to me.

What I find funny is the fact that the whole adventure happened in only one year. There are things that aren't plausible, but of course there needs to be that if the story goes on. Besides, it is mentioned that Alex had the luck of a devil. There were times when I sighed inwardly and said, "Here we go again... Alex Rider off to save the day". But of course I can't wait to read it. 

Now for the movie. Operation: Stormbreaker.

The movie is an entirely different matter. Of course, the boy was cute. And Shena- you would be pleased to know- Ewan McGregor played for Ian Rider, Alex's uncle. I think you already knew, though. I, on the other hand, was screaming when I saw him.

I just finished the movie a few hours ago. I think the dialogue could be better. Sometimes it seems so fake. Sometimes, it's like The Lightning Thief  movie all over again. It was a great cast, a great story, and so on, but something was missing. There were many things changed, though not as much as TLF. Overall it was enjoyable, though.

That's it! I reviewed it in my most civilized manner. Now I have to go on and scream like a fangirl. Comment below- it makes my day!

Percy Jackson movies... and stuff

Happy April, guys! No, I didn't do anything for April's Fools. Sad.

Before we move on the Percy Jackson, I guess I'll tell a bit about what's happening to my life now, and I'll keep it as short as possible since I don't even know if you guys read this. Anyway, eighth grade is wrapping up. Next year I'll be moving to another country... again. Pakistan this time, but only for one year. Then I'll come back here. I'm working on my graduation speech, projects, tests, and those stuff. I made a logo for class of 2017 and it turns out pretty good; perhaps it's a match for the artists in my school.

My personal life is... okay. I still love doing what I always do- read a lot, play ping pong or arm wrestle with boys, listening to music, and stuff. Oh, and beating up people who think me and my best friend (who, you see, is a boy) are together. Ooh, that sounds too harsh. One more thing. My *crush* is with someone now. Trying not to be disappointed. 

Worst of all, my granny passed away. It's the worst feeling in the world to hold someone's frail hand... and then suddenly you can't feel the life anymore. It doesn't hurt like emotional pain. It's more like there's something burning inside me. It's more physical. But still, the picture to the top left explains it all. Even though I can only list a hundred things that makes me smile in my last post. Good enough!

Anyway, over the past few days, I have, as usual, been screaming over Percy Jackson. The fangirl level is still as high as when I first read Harry Potter. By the way, I never really experienced it with Star Wars. Star Wars always remains constant. I'm getting distracted again.

Here is the AWESOME Sea of Monsters Trailer! This is one thing that really gets me up. I had the link on Youtube, but it doesn't work anymore- plus it has poor quality. So HERE IS THE EPIC ONE FROM MTV!

I'm looking forward to the movie, and I hope it will be better than TLF. So far, it's looking good.

Here is also something you might enjoy if you watched The Lighting Thief. It's sad that it didn't live up to the book. But here are some very great scenes that they should've included. C'mon... "You drool when you sleep"? That's legendary. This one, where they're talking about Thalia, would've looked good to the overall series.

The Lightning Thief is not the only movie that many people are disappointed in. Personally, The Lightning Thief disappointed me because it isn't really close to the movie. If it stands alone, then I would like it more. But still, it won't be next to Star Wars and Harry Potter. Maybe that's why. Everyone was expecting a great movie out of a book as legendary as Harry Potter. 

There's also Clash of the Titans. It's okay, but the plot and everything could be developed more. The only reason I watched it was because it has stuff about Percy's namesake.

That's it... May the gods be with you!