Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Percy Jackson movies... and stuff

Happy April, guys! No, I didn't do anything for April's Fools. Sad.

Before we move on the Percy Jackson, I guess I'll tell a bit about what's happening to my life now, and I'll keep it as short as possible since I don't even know if you guys read this. Anyway, eighth grade is wrapping up. Next year I'll be moving to another country... again. Pakistan this time, but only for one year. Then I'll come back here. I'm working on my graduation speech, projects, tests, and those stuff. I made a logo for class of 2017 and it turns out pretty good; perhaps it's a match for the artists in my school.

My personal life is... okay. I still love doing what I always do- read a lot, play ping pong or arm wrestle with boys, listening to music, and stuff. Oh, and beating up people who think me and my best friend (who, you see, is a boy) are together. Ooh, that sounds too harsh. One more thing. My *crush* is with someone now. Trying not to be disappointed. 

Worst of all, my granny passed away. It's the worst feeling in the world to hold someone's frail hand... and then suddenly you can't feel the life anymore. It doesn't hurt like emotional pain. It's more like there's something burning inside me. It's more physical. But still, the picture to the top left explains it all. Even though I can only list a hundred things that makes me smile in my last post. Good enough!

Anyway, over the past few days, I have, as usual, been screaming over Percy Jackson. The fangirl level is still as high as when I first read Harry Potter. By the way, I never really experienced it with Star Wars. Star Wars always remains constant. I'm getting distracted again.

Here is the AWESOME Sea of Monsters Trailer! This is one thing that really gets me up. I had the link on Youtube, but it doesn't work anymore- plus it has poor quality. So HERE IS THE EPIC ONE FROM MTV!

I'm looking forward to the movie, and I hope it will be better than TLF. So far, it's looking good.

Here is also something you might enjoy if you watched The Lighting Thief. It's sad that it didn't live up to the book. But here are some very great scenes that they should've included. C'mon... "You drool when you sleep"? That's legendary. This one, where they're talking about Thalia, would've looked good to the overall series.

The Lightning Thief is not the only movie that many people are disappointed in. Personally, The Lightning Thief disappointed me because it isn't really close to the movie. If it stands alone, then I would like it more. But still, it won't be next to Star Wars and Harry Potter. Maybe that's why. Everyone was expecting a great movie out of a book as legendary as Harry Potter. 

There's also Clash of the Titans. It's okay, but the plot and everything could be developed more. The only reason I watched it was because it has stuff about Percy's namesake.

That's it... May the gods be with you!


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother :(

    I agree that trailer was awesome!! :D I'm so excited to see Anthony Stewart Head and Nathan Fillion in there!!! :D :D I love those two actors! :D. And it looks like it will be a lot better than the first movie(even though I did enjoy the first one to an extent since I hadn't read the book in a while when I watched it)

    1. Thank you! :) It really was! Scream!

  2. Sorry about your grandmother. :(

    Hope the new Percy Jackson movie doesn't disappoint, although I still have not seen the first one.


    1. Thank you! I hope so too. You should watch and review the first one! :)

  3. I'm sorry about your grandmother. :(

    I... haven't read or watched anything from the Percy Jackson series. I'm planning to, though.