Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan short REVIEW

I will TRY to keep this both fangirling and spoiler free. I WARN you, it's going to be hard. This is me right now.

I know the title says "Featuring a sneak peek from the House of Hades", but nope. I wasn't in the version I read, since it's only published at the back of the Serpent's Shadow book, not the real book.

The Son of Sobek is, as you probably know, a crossover between the awesome PERCY JACKSON series and the also great Kane chronicles. Carter is investigating rumors from of a monster from Long Island when he runs into Percy Jackson. And boy, their meeting isn't exactly friendly...

Again, even if it's in a short story I can finish in, like, ten minutes or so, Uncle Rick didn't fail to pack the story with action, feels, and humor. This novel was a good revision of both series, especially the Kane chronicles, since I'm forgetting the details there. This may be a book for children, but it is nevertheless very entertaining and humorous to the point of *cough* fake. But it's not. It's a book for children. It's fun. Recommended. 5 stars.

I'm glad Uncle Rick wrote the characters the way he did... like you would know when you read the book. The ending left me screaming, but not as much as Mark of Athena. Nothing can be worse than that. Rick, I'm expecting a sequel. If you leave me at that, my life would be over. Still, the way the story goes is probably for the best, though my heart aches to tell each character the full story of the other.

I can't review more since it's a short story, and I don't want to give spoilers, but before I go with the thought of hoping you'd comment below, I would like to say...



  1. Your blog is amazing. You like all the greatness of the world. Anyway, I just finished reading the son of sobek and looked online to see if there was more or a sequel (thanks for that rick riordan) sorry if I spelled his name wrong. And your blog helped a lot thanks for that. I also wanted to tell you that if you have the new nook if you buy it you can listen to it ( the son of sobek) narrated by R.R. and that I feel utterly anx completly the same way. Especially since I have been reading his books since 4th grade. Thanks again, person i don't know the name of. If you do have a reply to this comment youcan email me @

  2. there is going to be another crossover with annabeth and sadie

    1. There is? Oh my god! Where did this come from. Did rick announce it on twitter or something?