Thursday, May 2, 2013

The 11 Tag... Again

Thank you Voronda for giving me this tag!

So here are the rules!
1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post 11 facts about yourself.
3) Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked.
4) Ask the people you tag to answer 11 questions.
5) Nominate 11 bloggers.

1) Already done! :)

Number two...

1) The book I'm reading is Eon by Alison Goodman. 

2) We're reading the Hunger Games in class, which got me FREAKED OUT.
3) I feel I need to get a bit back into my nerdy self. I post here, read Star Wars books, write my novel, and other stuff less often nowadays. 
4) The last flight I took (alone) was from Pakistan to Bangkok. 
5) Wearing a Harry Potter shirt right now.
6) I can feel myself growing into a teen sometimes. It's weird. Like... the sudden urge to hang out with friends, looking at my body, etc. I don't think I like it that much.
7) My current favorite song is Just Give me a Reason by P!nk ft. Nate Ruess.
8) It's kinda sad that I can't hang out with my best friend that much anymore. One, because every time we try to spend time together people gossip about us and take pictures. Two, because I'm not really sure how his mind works anymore. Would I explain further? Eh, nah. It's something I need to think over by myself and I'm pretty sure I'll bore you all if I let loose my feelings.
9) I can't wait for Sea of Monsters, Catching Fire, The Hobbit, and City of Bones.
10) Since I went to watch Iron Man three yesterday and came back late, I didn't study for the three tests I had today, and I didn't do my homework. I may get almost-perfect grades, but that doesn't mean I'm not a mess when I came to school this morning trying to do my homework.
11) I can't think of any other random facts.

Number three...

1. Language/s You would like to learn?
Mandarin and Latin. I'm already learning Latin on my own.
2. Would you rather live on Hoth or Tatooine? For those who don't know Star Wars: North Pole or Sahara Desert?
Tatooine. I can live for about three days without anything. I can't live up to a day in Hoth since I'll be frozen. Also, I can find more interesting stuff in Tatooine.
3. Something that made your day today?
A few good scores at school.
4. If you weren't your current nationality, and you had the choice to pick your nationality what would you choose or would you not change?
I don't think I'll change. I'm not a patriot, but I'm proud enough of my country. If I had to, though, I'll change to Canada.
5. Do you have pierced ears of body part?
6. Coke or Pepsi or Root Beer?
It's a tie between Coke and Pepsi. Here, you can't really tell them apart. Root Beer I hate.
7. What was your last dream about? All the itty-bitty details
I can't really remember. I think I find myself finally seeing the biology textbook that I lost. Yeah. I remember the brown color and the name inside the book, but that's about it.
8. So you get to meet your favorite band/singer and spend a week with them. Who are they and what do you do when you first meet them and what do you do during the week?
Taylor Swift. We'll meet in the concert. We'll sing (I can't sing very well, but that doesn't stop me from singing), dance in parties, go to the beach, amusement park, etc.
9. Look out your window. What do you see?
It's nighttime. Just black. Some leaves, of course.
10. Which do you prefer to watch Sunset/Sunrise or Stars/Northern Lights?
Stars/Northern Lights. I watch Sunset/Sunrise a lot.
11. You're being cast as your favorite character from a book/movie/show/game etc., in the movie of said form of entertainment. Who are you? 

Any Jedi for Star Wars VIII. That's the most realistic I can go. But I like Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), or Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson), or Eowyn (LOTR), or Isabelle (The Mortal Instruments), Holly (Artemis Fowl), well, the list is endless.

Number Four...
1. What movie are you looking forward to most this year?
2. Opinion on Maroon 5, One Direction, Fun.,and Taylor Swift?
3. Describe your best friend.
4. What did you think/what are you expecting of Iron Man 3?
5. Harry Potter or the Hunger Games or Percy Jackson? (It drove me mad to try to answer this one.)
6. How long have you been blogging?
7. Five main fandoms?
8. Last thing that made you smile?
9. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
10. How often do you swear?
11. What is the object to the left of you?

Number Five...
1) Shena
2) James
3) James Junkers 
4) Tahl
5) Padme
6) Covert Knight
7) Helen
8) Jamie 
9) Edessa
10) Robyn
11) The Sith Photographer

I wanted to tag more but... 11 are allowed. Sorry! I drew the names randomly. Anyway, hoped you enjoyed this and can't wait to see yours! MTFBWY!


  1. Thanks for tagging me! Hopefully this will be an excuse to start blogging again...something I have been procrastinating on for a long time.

    1. You're welcome and I can't wait to see yours! :D

  2. Thank you for the tag! :D

    I know the feeling about becoming a teenager- I went through that too(I didn't really like it either- I don't like caring about my looks :P).

    I'm sorry those kids are acting that way to you and your friend :( I hate it when people seem to think that just because your friends with someone of the opposite gender, they think your going out.

    I love Pink!! :D Glad you are listening to her :)

    I'm looking forward to those several of those movies too :)

    1. You're welcome! :D
      I know, everyone went through that :)
      I hate it too, thanks :) And you like P!nk? Yay! :D

  3. Yay, you tagged me! I can't wait to start my post!

    I'm very sorry you can't hang out with your best friend very much anymore. I very recently lost contact with my best friend and he's a guy too, so I know the feeling! (we didn't get teased very much, but my sister says everybody 'shipped us' in their heads, which is kinda embarrassing since nothing was going on between us.)

    I enjoyed reading your facts and answered, I can't wait to answer your questions! :)


    1. And I can't wait to see it! :)
      Thanks... :) I'm glad you understand :D

  4. Ooooh, yay! Another tag! Even though I got it from Voronda, too...more fun questions :D Can't wait to answer them!

    1. And I can't wait to see them! Thanks!

  5. OOH! I've read Eon! it was great! I really like Eona's character! That sucks about your and your best friend! That something that happens to me too! And YES! City of Bones and Sea of Monsters are gonna me Awesome! Thanks for answerin my questions! *Gasp* How can you hate root beer! That is just wrong! >;p

    No letter yet but I'll check tomorrow! :)

    1. Yayyy! lol
      Can't wait to read yours! :D

  6. Yay! Thanks for the tag! (and bringing me back to blogging, too) :D

    BTW, did you know that Tatooine used to be a lush planet around 26,000 BBY? (according to comic books anyway)

    Ah, people these days. I can't figure out a way to talk to my best friend of the opposite gender without getting all of that unwanted attention, too. I hope things will get better for the two of you.

    Oh and, I hate root beer, too.

    Mine's done, by the way. :)

    1. You're welcome! :) Yeah, I knew that :P Thanks! :) Glad you agree! I'm going to check it out!