Friday, March 2, 2012

Bounty Review

Man, that was a great episode! Though I can't say honestly that it was the best in the season, it sure did exceed my expectations. I did not think that this episode is going to be good, but boy I was wrong. Usually I enjoy all the episodes, and this one was no different. It was touching moments as well as humorous ones, and yet many full of action... which is everything I need to enjoy an episode. So, down to business.

The thing that struck out to me most is the star. Asajj Ventress. We always see her a a villain, and I saw her as that too... until the last episode. I pity her. After all she did, she found she had lost everything again and again in her life and then became aimless. But now I have to smile, seeing her finally know who she was and who she could be.

She's not a really bad person, is she? She can't help being like that after all she went through. She was fair with the credits in the end, and she saw from the little girl that she was like her. And she let them go without killing them. As it states in Wookiepedia, she had thought that perhaps Kenobi is right... and walked away from everything in the end. She made the right choice. She kind of reminded me of Starkiller, who's destiny was awoken like hers.

I have to admit I was worried about the Bounty Hunters who fell off, though I felt to special attachment to them. I was pretty surprised when they were all back with credits... since they failed and yet they got their bounty. I sometimes love seeing money quarrels.

I sided with the Bounty Hunters at first because I thought they were delivering something as a good cause. I knew they were doing it for money, and when the employer said "Loosing your bounty will be the least of your problems" it seemed really serious. Therefore I was shocked when the girl came out. And even then I thought she was a daughter of an important person, taken for a ransom. Thus, I was even more astonished when the box reached the employer and he declared stupidly that his bride was here. This episode has a few strange turns.

As for Boba, I'm glad he's back. I must say I liked his old haircut better, but him with the helmet is amazing. For one so young, he was really good. Though I'd say he was foolish at the end to test Assajj. I knew that when she took the cart out it did not contain the little girl, but I was surprised that Boba was in. I thought there was some useless junk in there... or nothing at all.

If I am to find one bad thing about the episode, I'd say the plot isn't very thick. I mean, the only thing that kept the episode going was one point: Deliver the cargo. But then later on that changed as well, since the main thing after the money quarrel was not to deliver the cargo safe and sound anymore. Also, I enjoy seeing Jedi in episodes, and it was a little disappointment not to see them. They're my thing more than Bounty Hunters are.

The setting was done really well. First I was doubting whether Assajj landed was Tatooine or not, but then it was confirmed a yes when they mentioned desert. That would explain Assajj shielding her eyes when she first landed. And the cantina was great. I enjoyed the part where Assajj seemed like trying to get herself drunk, but the killing part was not so pretty. Also, the alien planet was done well; I love the purple environment and the animals as well as the building and elevators.

Okay, I'm saving the best for last. I love the action the most. I like seeing fights when they were on a moving ground like this one. I wondered at first why Assajj did not use her lightsabers, but then it wasn't necessary. The weapons of the opponent as well as their agility and flexibility are awesome. I wasn't surprised they lost the battle, since Assajj was a very skilled dark assassin. On the other hand, I was surprised the girl had the nerve to speak out when the battle was lost. I'm glad there was at least a genuine hug in this one, shared by a family member to another. It lightens the mood a little bit.

Overall, I'd give an 8/10 for the episode. That's it for now! I look forward to seeing your thoughts! May the Force be with you!


  1. Great review. I actually liked this even more than last week's awesome epsiode. I really liked the awesome hand-to-hand combat.

    P.S. I added a link to my blog at the end of my review.


    1. Thanks :) I like the last one more though... but I can't wait to be blown off when Darth Mual returns! I love the hand to hand combat too :)

      Thanks so much!!! :D

  2. Great review, Solace :) I agree pretty much all of your review! I too loved the episode and Ventress's character development to be very well done. I also loved seeing Tatooine in TCW; very cool.
    And the Jedi are definitely more my thing too :)

    1. Thank you! I agree... Ventress is now out of my hated villians list and into my liked list. :) Yeah, Tatooine was awesome! :D and I can tell that you love Jedi! :D

    2. I also agree, I'd always found Ventress interesting as a character but know that she is becoming more good, I like her a lot better. And I can tell that you like the Jedi too :) They are really awesome! :)

    3. You describe ur opinions as if you're me ;) Our thoughts are so much alike...